Saturday, 29 August 2015


The last few months have been exceptionally hard to get in a consistent sweat. My schedules changes week to week as does what I'm required to know or do. Yes I am making excuses, you are absolutely right. But it has been the most difficult time so far to commit to a good healthy exercise routine. Part of the problem is when I wake up at that INCREDIBLY early hour to try and get in a sweat before I have to be at work EXTREMELY early the snooze button ALWAYS WINS. So I tell myself "It's okay, you'll do it when you get home." Do you want to know what I do when I get home? Many things...and one of them is NOT working out. 

I identified the problem, my lack of motivation and my lack of accountability. Back in the day, when I was on sports teams and ran with a running group I literally had to show up to some location with some workout clothes on and I listened to a coach or did the workout of the day using the motivation of teammates. I was accountable to those teammates because I was expected and in some ways needed to show up for practices so we could run appropriate drills and exercises. Well, no one needs me one but myself. BUT THEN...I found this whole new world on the INTER-WEB. 

I found a pretty basic and reasonable workout plan I bought from a certified kinesiologist online and was able to join an "accountability group." Yes I don't know these women, and Sue is from Florida, Jen is from Ohio and I don't really know where anyone else is from...but really would it make a difference? We post daily after our workouts, or sometimes before if we are trying to find excuses. These are all busy women that work, have kids and take care of farms...if they can find the time so can I. And when I start thinking that I can't...THEY REMIND ME I WILL. 

An additional accountability tool I have been using is my poor friend Rebecca. She does not live in the same city as me and that maybe a good thing for noise control. I have COMMITTED to sending her a sweaty picture of my face - mostly involving a creepy eye for the next two weeks...which I am hoping will turn into 2 months...and then maybe two years. I am NOT SORRY. I am lucky to have someone that is not frightened by the sweaty creepy eyes that are sent her way on a daily basis. TRUE FRIENDSHIP.

So my friends, if you too are having this probably and haven't been able to commit or find your fitness community or perhaps it just isn't in your schedule right now, please think about the E-WORLD of E-WORKOUTS. 

GO get it.